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More About The Artist

I was born in Kirkcaldy, Fife, on the east coast of Scotland in 1962.
I began painting, drawing, sculpting and writing poetry at an early age with a passion, which has consumed me from then and ever since. I never intended, then or now, to do anything other than make this my life’s work.
I went to “DUNCAN OF JORDANSTONE COLLEGE OF ART”, in Dundee; but couldn’t accept the limitations of not painting or sculpting what I wanted, when I wanted, and so I left after just six months.

In just under two years I had organised and promoted my first solo exhibition in my own home town.
With cash from the sale of this work I built a tepee; to use as a portable studio and move about Scotland (mainly in the Highlands and Isles), painting in summer and exhibiting and selling in the winter.  This occupied me for the next 6 years.

To explore themes more deeply, I went on to produce my first “SINGLE THEME” exhibition in 1986; entitled, “SHETLAND, UP HELLY’A AND THE ISLES 40 pieces linked to the landscape structure and stone monuments of the Highlands and Islands.
I successfully exhibited in Fife, and in Edinburgh, principally for the Shetland and Orcadian Society.
Around this time I settled in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow. I then began teaching ceramics, on a voluntary basis, which allowed me the facility to produce my own work; often producing a piece in paint and in ceramic form, which proved to be more satisfying.

Being very interested in Spiritual and Religious matters and disciplines, I drew together some ideas I’d been hatching for some time, and came up with the title, “THE ALBATROSS PERIOD” – which asserted that painters, poets, musicians and priests all follow a discipline which can, if correctly and enthusiastically pursued, lead to their ultimate spiritual fulfilment.
This exhibition of painting and sculpture was “Illuminated” with a book of poetry; a few copies of which are still available. “THE ALBATROSS PERIOD” was exhibited as a whole theme at the world famous Edinburgh Festival, in 1988.

Since then, I have been catching up with my own backlog of ideas and have taken to making Musical Instruments, Ceramic guitars, Didgeridoo’s, Ocarinas, and Drums; and, more recently, have become obsessed with Bagpipes.

My latest exhibition is entitled, ” The UNNATURAL HISTORY of the GREAT HIGHLAND BAGPIPES”.
The exhibition will comprise of paintings, sculptures and poetry of a surreal nature and a selection of bagpipes of my own construction; and, indeed, in one case, invention.