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The Art Of Ian Page  

Art and Music of considerable quality variety and originality.  Fact and fiction intermingle in a feast of creativity.  Pictorial Philosophy, Mysticism, Religion, Surrealism, Humour and fantasy intermingle with Poetry, Illustration, Narrative and plain in your face Art. Ceramics Sculpture, Painting and Drawing, Virtual Art, BodyArt  (live Canvas) and Photography.

Music made, instruments manufactured and designed. Seldom will you see a broader church all linked by being products of One mind One devotion The Art of Ian Page 2010 – 2014©

These Virtual Galleries are an attempt to continue against the odds as a vocational artist and compulsive maker of objects and instruments. Painting, not for any perceived demand, or in any fixed style, but working on two streams of my own thought/creation.

One spontaneous of the moment and the other, a backlog of ideas, mainly of a surreal nature, which have built up owing to the fact that the mind is quicker to conceive than the hand is to produce.

This has resulted, as you will see, in the production of many pieces, in differing styles and themes, from the orthodox to the bizarre. All are linked to my own personal interests or taste and are wholly original.

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